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Erbaviva was born to bring to the world a collection of the purest, most natural, organic skincare products available. 

Beginning with our exclusive line of pure products for Baby and Mommy-to-be, we now also offer a full range of Bath & Body products for everyone else including our unique Organic Deodorant.

In our commitment to you, and to the environment, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils, uniquely packaged and brought to you in a sophisticated form that honors the way nature created them.


What is Organic?

 Organic products are made with ingredients that were grown or produced without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewer sludge.  By eliminating these components, organic products not only have a low impact on our environment, but also are much healthier for our bodies. The skin is the largest organ we have, it is important to remember that it is a living part of our body.

Certified Organic:

 Certified Organic products have gone through a third party verification to ensure that they comply with organic standards.   Because there is no organic standard for skin care products, they must meet the same organic requirements that food products go through.  

Erbaviva is proud to be one of the few skin care producers to carry the USDA certified organic seal. This means, our ingredients, the facility, and the process our products go through meet the stringent National Organic Program standards.  Products carrying the USDA seal contain 95% or more USDA certified organic ingredients.  




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