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N-LMF2001963B/C/P : MaMaFun Pillow
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MaMaFun Pillow
HKD 290.00 / pcs
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Strong Ally for Putting Babies to Sleep!

By using MaMaFun pillow, mothers can hung baby while putting baby to sleep. After baby felt into sleep, mothers can easily draw out her hand without awaking baby. The various functionalities and materials purposed to allow babies to have the best of sleep. THe pillow can also be used as nursing pillow.

Direction for Use:
<Step 1> Adjust the magic tape to fit with your arm.
<Step 2> Mothers can hug baby until baby felt into sleep. The specail structure of the pillow can reduce sweating of baby and mothers.
<Step 3> After baby felt into sleep, Mothers can genlty draw out her hang withiout the pillow


Made of super soft cotton, together with the light waffle shaped design, can fit with the skull development of babies and gives the best sleep to babies.

Made of elastic urethane cushion which can enhance comfort and allow babies to sleep peacefully.

Made of mesh material which has good ventilation so that babies can sweat less.

Uses newly invented soft Polyethylene Pipe which has better ventilation and can gently support babies' soft head.

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